Elizabeth C.

"Kyle is very knowledgeable, professional, and gives a wonderful, therapeutic massage.  He knows how target trouble spots, and is genuinely concerned about his clients. Kyle was recommended by my physical therapist, and has added a great deal to my recovery from serious lower back and neck issues. I also took my special-needs daughter to him for pelvic and leg problems. Thank you, Kyle!"

Mort A.

"I can highly recommend Kyle Van Port Fleet’s massage therapy, especially for hamstring, IT band and related issues that often affect runners such as myself.  The massage therapy I received from Kyle was crucial in rehabilitating some persistent running injuries that were preventing me from running my best, and then in keeping me injury free and on the road through high mileage marathon preparation--and through punishing Midwestern winters.  His maintenance was an integral and very effective part ofmy overall training program."

Peter V.

"As a high school teacher (at the age of 65) I need help to keep my body up with my mind. I of course exercise, eat very well and healthfully, and get proper sleep. Beyond these necessities, and my love for the kids, the thing that has kept me from retiring is the health care I have received from Kyle at Recover Massage. I have no intentions of retiring soon." 

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